Instrument Air Compressors (API 619)

Instrument Air Compressors (API 619)

To provide service and instrument compressed air, HBR engineers, assemblies and delivers skidded packages with screw or centrifugal compressor, electric or diesel driven, air dryer, heat exchanger and micro processed control panel, ready to be lifted on board.


Typical main specification

    • Offshore and onshore operation
    • Pressure: 10bar
    • Flow: 2600 Nm³/hr
    • Weight: 15 tons
    • Dimensions: 6m x 3m
    • 2 stages screw compressor
    • Adsorption or refrigeration dryer
    • PLC control panel
    • Prepared for lifting
    • Operation in hazardous area













HBR was founded in 1985 with a focus on distribution of equipament for the compressed air market.


Industrial applications

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